Cheng Yi Thunder Tea 诚义擂茶

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We would like to thank all for the support. Unfortunately, we have decided to cease our operation at Commonwealth Crescent Market.

Our last day of operation will be on 21st March 2014. We ran through scenarios such as processes & figures for current & future potential and it seems to be challenging at current location.

Hopefully, we will be able to serve this delicious & healthy food again sometime in the future.

Take Care & Cheers from us 🙂




**Attn: Investor/Partner, we believe there is strong demand for nutritious & quality food in many places/countries.  Today & years down the road, with anyone can Google anything about food be it good/bad & the expansion of social media such as Facebook & Twitter to name a few, more & more people are well informed and view the importance of healthy eating as a long term investment.

Although this is an Asian food, from our ground feedbacks, ours are well accepted/praised by Caucasians, Indians & Asians. It isn’t as surprise to us as we feel that part of it is the awareness of healthy eating.  It’s a matter of food quality, availability cum accessibility to them conveniently. It could even be integrated into existing Fast Food Providers for possible market share increment or being the standalone new Fast Food player.

We have the recipes, operation knowledge(processes & manpower planning), further productivity improvement ideas, menu enhancement, marketing ideas, passion & a good taste bud for quality assurance :).

But of course it requires scalable resources to grow. We are passionate but things aren’t that perfect in this area hence we welcome discussions for possible partnership/investment.

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Some history…

Lei Cha (擂茶; literally “pounded tea“) is a traditional Hakka tea-based beverage or gruel. It consists of a mix of tea leaves and herbs that are ground or pounded together with various roasted nuts, seeds, grains, and flavorings.

Lei Cha is very traditional among Hakkas in Mainland China, especially Southern China. It is also popular in many locales with a substantial Hakka diaspora population.

擂茶在我的hometown叫“咸茶”。 一碗绿色的擂茶带着微咸又清香的独特味道。 从小就爱吃擂茶,只吃妈妈煮的。准备的过程非常繁琐和耗时。

擂茶汤加入饭和菜混着吃是我的最爱, 也有人喜欢分开吃。 两种吃法有着很不同的感觉,却都很美味。


We are delighted to be featured! (Shin Min Daily 31 Oct 2013 & 27 Mar 2014)

Shin Min Daily 20131031

20140327b Shin Min

Established since 20 Aug 2013, our first outlet is located at :

31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-73 Singapore 149644


Launch day 20130820


Like us at Facebook for any potential future updates :

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Cheng Yi Thunder Tea 诚义擂茶



3 thoughts on “Cheng Yi Thunder Tea 诚义擂茶

  1. This thunder tea rice is really tasty, I will sure tell all my friends who love this food to try this stall. 有回家的感觉。 值得!!

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